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HDLeaders is a faith ministry. We come alongside church and ministry leaders to help them increase their impact with better leadership.   Many of the leaders in the exploding global church do not have the funds to gather the resources they need to grow as leaders. We raise funds to make it possible for us to deliver direct to leader engagement with these leaders. We are investing our thirty years of leadership experience into the up and coming leaders of tomorrow.

button_donate_nowSMLYour gifts make it possible for us to operate this non-profit that engages, encourages and equips these men and women around the world.  If you don’t care to give on line, you can send donations to:  HDLeaders, 9457 South University #712, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

I Guess Deep Down I Have Always Been an Entrepreneur. How About You?

I guess deep down I have always been an entrepreneur.  How about you?
I guess deep down I have always been an entrepreneur.  How about you?

I guess deep down I have always been an entrepreneur. How about you?

Today I am honored to be featured on the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas. Entrepreneurs on Fire is a daily podcast, encouraging entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to move forward with their dreams of being in business. There are a lot of us in ministry and the marketplace that are really entrepreneurs. Learn in this podcast about my own journey the last two years at building something brand new.

Success takes more than just “perspiration,” it takes inspiration. By studying the successes and failures of others we can learn about their mistakes before we make them, hear about the great things they have accomplished for themselves and for others to inspire us, and reinforce the idea that if they can do it, we can do it.

Entrepreneurs On Fire was awarded Best Of iTunes in 2013 because of our dedication to serve its listeners and share incredible insights to help guide their Entrepreneurial journey.

John has a great format that will cover how I got started, a great failure in my work, and the “aha moment” when I realized what would bring me joy and success at the same time.

Please check out the show notes and consider subscribing to this great show.

All In or All Gone—Leaving Well When It’s Time to Go

As leaders, we set the standard of excellence in our organizations. Our passion and excitement for the work we do trickles down to our other leaders and the rest of the group to inspire progress. However when we lose our passion, when our fire for the work we do has gone out, it’s time for us to step aside and let a new leader take our place. If we don’t we risk hurting the entire organization by allowing everyone to slip into the same melancholy state that we are in, and allow progress to atrophy.

I have a new article at Church Leaders that discusses why we need passion as leaders, and how, as sad as it is to move on, we must know when to do it, for the good of our organization. Please check it out, and leave a comment about your experiences with leaving an organization, and how it affected the group.

All In or All Gone—Leaving Well When It’s Time to Go

Lack of desire for leadership in China

On our last trip to China, we learned that there is a very LOW desire among people to step up as leaders.  Seems that their view of leadership is very low.

I made this chart on my flight home comparing the paradigms in the two places of America versus China

America                                   CHINA
Desire to lead                              No desire to lead – might lose face
Leaders are strong                      Leaders are weak and serve everyone else like slave
Leaders make a difference          Leaders just do all the dirty work
Leaders are criticized                  Never criticize a leader
Good models abound                  No good models exist


Here are some more things I learned:

Three big challenges that church leaders face in China:

  • Church Workaholics – everyone in China works seven days a week and church leaders do not take a sabbath day off. Pastors are expected to work 24/7 to serve the church.
  • Top down leadership style- Most pastors lead by command as dictators.  But these students this week want to change and lead with a servant leadership style like Christ.
  • Misunderstandings about Servant leadership – the common view sees the pastor as just a servant:  “The pastor serves  everyone and does everything.”

Stay tuned for more!